DIY: A Guide for All The Common Air Conditioning Issues

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Air conditioner units can be a great headache sometimes. If they do not get their routine maintenance, they start to perform badly and will break down often. It can make your house to become a waste energy or sauna.
Once it breaks, what is the very first thing you do? You contact AC Repair Maricopa to come in your house and do the needed repairs, which may take lots of time, particularly when it’s the hottest day. To assist eliminate this irritation, let us have a look at a few of the most popular problems that ACs tend to have along with a few DIY solutions.

Your Unit Will Not Turn On

  • Thermostat – Have a look at the thermostat and ensure that the settings are all precise. Ensure “COOL” setting is actually enabled and temperature is set under the present temperature in the home. There are frequently many ways to set the thermostat, so ensure to consult the thermostat manual on proper method to use the Air Conditioner unit to meet your requirements.
  • Fuse and Breaker – The circuit breaker protects wiring in your house during power surge. Many times during power surge lots of electricity goes through the house and will kill a fuse or throw a breaker. If this occurs, all you have to do is to reset the breaker or replace the fuse and you will be great to go.
  • Compressor – To test whether it is your compressor or thermostat, disconnect power supply to the thermostat and remove outer covering. Take wire from “Y” terminal and link it to “R” terminal. If compressor begins working again, your thermostat is problem.

The Unit is Blowing Warm Air

  • Air Flow – Outdoor condenser frequently gets blocked with paper, dirt, and leaves. Try removing debris, cleaning equipment thoroughly and try running that again.
  • Coolant – Your refrigerant will work low and require recharging, or there might be a leak which requires to be corrected. Get an AC services provider to come at your house and have a look.

The Unit turns on, but No Air Is Blowing

If you can hear motor inside the AC running but air itself isn’t coming through, it’s often because of a broken down conveyor belt which connects the blower and the motor.
Follow the steps below to fix common AC issues:

  • Switch the power supply off to the system: If you’ve a gas furnace, ensure to turn the gas valve off too.
  • Replace blower: To do this, you will have to remove air-handler cabinet. After you remove it, you can reach out the blower. At blower, there is a number which will tell you about which one you’ll need to buy.
  • To replace belt: Begin by slipping belt on the motor pulley. Then pull belt over larger pulley, which actually belongs to blower. If you’re finding this hard, you can then move mount to give that belt some slack.

Leaking Water

If equipment is leaking out water, below are some issues to check:

  • Find if condensate pump is getting power. If power is working, then check out the tubes and ensure none of them is leaking or has to be replaced.
  • Clean drain tube too. They are actually prone to algae development which can block the tube.
  • Water in pump is managed largely by floating ball. Pour as well as empty water to notice if the ball floats actually. If ball doesn’t float accordingly clean water pump. If ball still does not float, then replace the component.
  • If tube is blocked with ice, then refrigerant is quite low. Reach to an air conditioner service to have an expert technician recharge it.


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