The Top Features of Window Air Conditioners

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When you shop for window AC, it’s good to remember the additional features that are generally available and how they would advantage you. Added features are there to simplify the working of the system, and in a few cases, they will also boost overall efficiency. So, here are the essential features that make window air conditioners stand out among all other types of air conditioners. or you can get in touch with AC Repair Maricopa for further details.


The thermostat on the window air conditioner is what lets you to fully control the cooling outputs. Middle to high-end window air conditioner models will even have a digital thermostat which has a readout both of the selected temperature along with the real temperature. While digital readout is much more convenient they also have been revealed to be more precise and maintain a much more consistent temperature inside the room, and they have an automatic feature to shut off that will cycle the system on and off automatically to maintain the needed temperature. Basic models incorporate a mechanical thermostat which uses a dial also to choose the temperature lower or higher based on where you move it.

Adjustable Fan Speed:

Changing the fan speed of the unit will affect the rate at which the space cools down. Generally, you can choose from two (high and low) or three (high, medium and low) fan speeds. The setting also affects the level of noises caused by the system. If you are using the system in a bedroom, then this feature is certainly nice as you may select a quieter, lower, fan speed during the night.


The remote control lets you to run the unit without even needing to use controls that are generally mounted to front side of the Air Conditioner. Standard remotes allow you to control the fan speed and temperature while a few also have the temperature display on remote control. In addition, a few units have the magnetic hold on side in order that the remote could be placed there while not in usage to prevent misplacing it.

Programmable Timer:

The timer lets you set a delayed stop or start time, which assists manage energy consumption. The timers can be easily set in an one-hour interval and generally go up either to 12 or even 24 hours. When your air conditioner unit is off, then setting the timer decides when it will turn on automatically. And if the air conditioner unit is on, then setting the timer decides the point by which it’ll shut off.

Air Direction Control:

The adjustable louvers allow you to manipulate the direction in which. air is blown out from the system. If the system will be placed inside a living room, then being capable to adjust vent can refer to keeping the system from blowing on people directly who might be sitting in your living area. It even lets you optimize the air flow in space if you’ll be utilizing a ceiling or room fan.

Filter Type:
  • Standard — One of the most popular filter types is the basic filter and this will have to be replaced periodically to ensure correct filtration and air flow.
  • Washable — The filters can be easily cleaned in a bathroom or kitchen sink to avoid needing to buy a replacement. They also are quite durable and they can withstand lots of washes.
Energy Star Ratings:

Units that have Energy Star rating could work up to 15 percent more efficiently than the units that aren’t Energy Star. Based on how frequently you are thinking to utilize the window unit, the energy efficiency might be something you wish to consider.


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